Between phases and nursing chains.

Which necklace for which phase?

The Silikonify nursing chains are made from certified silicone for use in food products.
The models of motherly love, life, kindness, charisma, hope, rainbow and hug are recommended from pregnancy, the growth of the first teeth about three months and until the baby and caregivers wish.
The nursing necklaces have beads on each string or cord that are visible and ensure that the baby develops feeling, motor coordination and sensitivity due to the different geometric shapes and textures.
The wide range of colours guarantees that the baby concentrates its attention during breastfeeding. It prevents the baby from biting the breast, plays with the other nipple and helps not to lose concentration during breastfeeding.
Necklaces are excellent biteers to relieve the discomfort of tooth growth.
They can be washed with neutral odourless soap and placed in hot, non-boiling water for even deeper cleaning.

The tenderness models, are recommended from twelve months, because they have a longer visible string and the pearls are larger and distributed differently.
Although they are more suitable for larger babies, they have the same ease of use as the previous models.
They can also be washed with neutral odourless soap and cleaned with hot non-boiling water for even deeper cleaning.